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➡️ Easy overview of all features.

Quick Guide

IT integration

➡️ Use one of the many IT integration options and make service directly from your IT system.
✅ When the invoice is made, data (comments and product lines) is sent to with 1 click.

Guide to integration

Service registration

➡️ Make service registrations –  from PC/app or or from IT integration with one click.
✅ Your customers, get digital access to their cars data, when using your workshop.

Guide to manual entry
Guide to integration

OE data

➡️ OE data (receive service data from the car manufacturer or search campaigns).
✅ Access to all factory online service books, and searches factory campaigns, as described on most service schedules.

Guide to OE data


➡️ Get your company on our map so you become attractive to new customers.

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Photo of paper service book

➡️ Upload photo of a paper service book.
✅ This ensures that data from the paper service book forwarded is digitally available – If you sell cars, you increases the value of the car by having the full service history.

Guide to uploading

We also offer online intro with Teamviewer contact us on phone +45 7199 3939 or


Download as APP

  • Google Play and App Store
  • Make everything direct from your mobile.

Create the car owner

  • Give the customer access to the car’s service documentation
  • This gives the customer connection to the workshop and access to the car’s data digitally (good customer service)
  • The customer is called for future service via SMS (if “upcoming” service is used).

Customer guidance created
Guidance for “upcoming” service


Total documentation

  • The more data you enter, the greater value of the system you and your customers get.
  • Timing belt, wheel change, insurance damage, undercarriage treatment, AC, oil change etc. – everything can be added.
  • Cars, buses, motorcycles, trailers, caravans, etc. – all with a VIN number can be added.
  • Can be used for both paper and online service books.

Use the Trusted Provider logo

  • Use the logo that shows your customers that you are doing quality work and documenting it digitally.
  • Use the logo on websites, Facebook, marketing etc.

Get the logo here

From 1/10 2018 updated content.
The PRO solution now has 36 free OE campaign controls and free OE servicebook data.
Service stickers and Flyers can now be purchased in all solutions.

Price 30 euro, + VAT, incl. shipping.