OE Data

  • 1 out of 10 cars is influenced by an error/improvement that the car manufacturer should repair for free for the car owner. At Digital Service Book we offer you to handle a “OE campaign
    36 searches are free per. year.
  • Price: 15 extra searches = 199 Euro. – (We send info when the 36 searches are used)

  • 12 car brands have their own closed online service book, we now offer search in these “brand” service books – and sent info to you as well as collect data in Digital-servicebook.com.*
  • Free lookup

Fill in data.:

  1. Choose OE data
  2. Enter car info
  3. Search
  4. Select – Service book info and / or OE campaign search
  5. Ask for data
  6. Here you can see the search is started and when data is retrieved, the status will be updated and you will receive a message.

We have now received your message – We collect the data, and contact you by mail.


  1. We will return with answers if there is one or more open campaigns.
  2. Or when the OE service book is updated