Digital Service Book – PRO

Step by Step – View or read this guide.


Register carried out work

  • Search
  • Carinfo
  • Add

Fill in the service records

You have direct access to the car’s service records and need to fill these in.

  1. Choose the service carried out: Car service, vehicle inspection, change of timing belt, change of tire, rust control, corrosion treatment, oil change, or repair/change.
  2. Enter Kilometre
  3. Choose date.
  4. Add a comment e.g. 2 new tires, or large car service etc.
  5. *Add a file (- this is optional) – e.g. a service chart, a photo of a damage, or an invoice etc.
  6. Add and close.

The car and the service are now registered.


Here you can find all registered cars, the latest will be shown first.

  1. After registration you have 48 hours to: change, add or delete all entries per line.
  2. It is possible to make a print out for a customer if needed.

Search on car

  1. When a car is registered in the Digital Service Book, everybody can search on the car directly from the front page and find the service records.
  2. Enter the number plate.

Car data

  1. You have access to the car’s data book.
  2. Here you find information on: car data, technical information, service records etc.