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Make all cars digital
The Digital Service Book is the only solution for all car brands – both those with paper versions and those with digital service records. It is an online reference work, which helps car owners and workshops keeping track of servicing, history and important information in one system.
If you want the easy solution, where you only have to register the data in one service record – Digital Service Book is the only solution. Digital Service Book keeps car owners, cars and workshops connected in one system.

The old paper version of the service records can be stored in the Digital Service Book, which means that all cars can become digital and you will not lose any documentation throughout the lifetime of your car. Faster than putting a stamp in the old paper version – it takes no longer than 1 minute.

When your workshop uses the Digital Service Book:

o Easy to get an overview of the service history on each car
o Your customers will receive a service reminder, which is customized to their driving pattern. Keep the warranty even on new cars!
o Increase resale value because of complete service records

The customers’ advantages

  • You will always have access to information about: Car brand, model, type, motor and VIN, any debt in the car, insurance, taxes and vehicle inspection report
  • As opposed to the printed service records, you will not lose any data throughout the lifetime of the car.The old paper version can be stored in the Digital Service Book.
  • You will always have access to and be able to update information about you and your car:
  • Upload a photo of the car.
  • Upload paper version of service book.
  • Change workshop.
  • • Hand over the service records to other users, when you e.g. sell the car

When your workshop is using the Digital Service Book:

  • Easy to get an overview of your car’s service history.
  • You will receive reminders of service, based on your driving pattern in order to ensure that you don’t miss out a planned service.
  • All service activities are documented
  • Increased resale value of your car because of a complete service record.
  • Prevention of odometer fraud, when buying a used car registered at
  • Further information about: examinations, vehicle inspections, timing belt, tires, rust prevention and corrosion prevention.
  • Book directly from your mobile
  • Keep the car warranty

Overview of your cars

The Digital Service Book will make all cars digital in an easy and effective way. Keep the warranty – increase the resale value.

All data about your car is only a few clicks away

Insurance, debt, mileage, car data, taxes.
Service, inspection, timing belt, tire change, rust prevention and corrosion protection.

Avoid odometer fraud – search on number plate

You are safe, when buying or selling a new or used car. You will be able to check the last noted mileage.

Keep the car updated

You will automatically receive a text message, when your workshop is using the Digital Service Book and text messages.

Increased service from your workshop

Helps both car owners and workshops keeping track of service, history and important information.

Valid stamp

For all cars – both new and used! For further information visit the homepage of the EU/FIGIEFA

Recommended by

The Danish “Dansk Bilbrancheråd” – All workshops need to document carried out services – this documentation is made simple through the Digital Service Book, so why not choose the easiest solution.

Easy and simple

You will always have access to your service records and you don’t need to worry about missing out stamps or forgotten service checks.